Roman Haselmann
Your Attorney

As your Lawyer located between Kreuzberg and Neukölln I am focused on litigation. I advise and represent you in all out-of-court or in-court civil law cases. Last minute cases, e.g. in case of a default decree, go without saying. 

The same applies for criminal defense cases where I am ensuring a fast and efficient defense strategy

Just write me an E-Mail or call me and we will discuss your case and what I can do for you – free of charge.

Roman Haselmann

I offer a free initial consultation.
Just write me an e-mail or give me a call!



In civil law, I mostly work, advise and represent you in ligigation cases. 

This means, I represent you in and out of court and claim, assert your claims and damages or defend you from unlawful claims. 

In addition, in cooperation with Blanka Haselmann (former judge and chairwoman of a construction and architect chamber) I also advise you on matters of private construction law.


Most importantly, I will inform and on all steps to be taken to avoid or at least minimize any kind of bad surprises. This includes an honest evaluation of the chances and risks of any dispute and its prospects of success.


Criminal Defense

I help you through the unpleasantness of a criminal procedure. It is not just the law but I also want to help you feel secure and not have nights without sleep.

I mostly advise on:
  • Offences against the narcotic act
  • Property offences (fraud, theft)
  • Please contact a lawyer as soon as you have knowledge of being the subject of a criminal investigation. Otherwise, an efficient defense might become harder afterwards.

    Legal Fees
    Depending on the complexity of a case I usually charge on an hourly basis or on basis of the german code for legal fees. In given cases I am also willing to agree to a fixed price.

    If you need legal aid, I am happy helping you to apply for it.

    Please contact me via e-Mail or Telephone. If you write an eMail, please briefly point out what kind of legal problem you have. I will get back to you asap. 

    Rechtsanwalt (Attorney-at-Law - Germany)
    Roman Haselmann